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AIM 1092 CD - Skatalites - On The Right Track

Album cover art for the aim release On the Right Track by The SkatalitesRecorded in Byron Bay, Australia in 2006, On the Right Track mixes the coastal island vibes of Australia's and Jamaica's hippest towns with a heavy jazz influence
Among a myriad of reissues and compilations, this album stands out as having the best new original material ever on an international Skatalites release since 1964

As reviewed by Fly on the wall media

The Skatalites went to Australia to do a show and wound up staying to record an album. On the Right Track is the first studio recording to feature their current lineup which includes original members Lloyd Knibb, Lester Sterling and Doreen Schaffer (sho provides the title track with a nice cover of Phyllis Dillon's rock steady classic) as well as longtime guitarist Devon James, "Cannonball" Bryan on tenor sax, Vinnie Gordon on trombone and Val Douglas on bass as well as Kevin Batchelor on trumper and Ken Stewart on keys.
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AIM 5015 CD - Marva Wright - After the Levees Broke

Album cover art for the aim release After the Levees Broke by Marva WrightOne of the most powerful voices in New Orleans Today. Versatile performer whose reportoire includes Pop, Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Soul. Star of New Orleans Jazzfest and a respected singer4

As reviewed by

After the Levees Broke recounts the Katrina tragedy through the personal experiences of Marva Wright, "The Blues Queen of New Orleans." Wright is the lead vocalist on every song, but revisiting this tragedy gave her a mental block from writing most of the music, which explains why the songs are either written by producer Benny Turner (based on her stories) or she is providing covers of established songs like "You are My Sunshine" or Willie Nelson's "Cra.
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As reviewed by Fly on the wall media

Marva Wright calls herself "The Blues Queen of New Orleans," and she's got plenty to be blue about. Hurricane Katrina wrecked her house, she lost everything she owned, and her hometown was a mess. Wright, who fled the city the day before the storm struck, considered never returning. But in the end, New Orleans pulled her back.
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As reviewed by The Sydney Blues Society Inc

The Marva Wright album, After the Levees Broke, is an example of a new release from AIM. Partially recorded in Byron Bay in 2007, and partially recorded in the Sound Services Recording Studio in New Orleans, virtually all of the people involved with the album lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, including the studio it was recorded in!
I’d heard of Marva, but had not listened to her until I stuck this CD in the car player and headed off on a 3 hour drive to Sydney. I found Marva’s big blues voice, the fine playing of quite a large cast of musicians, and the mix of blues, gospel, soul and pop, really got me in, and the trip passed swiftly and pleasantly. I continued playing it while in Sydney, and on the drive home.
This is good, well-produced music by one of the biggest voices in New Orleans. Along with a couple of songs about Katrina (The Levee Is Breaking Down, Katrina Blues), there are some great gospel numbers (God’s Good Hands, Change Is Gonna Come), some familiar blues (I Have Had My Fun, Built For Comfort), and interesting versions of unlikely numbers (That’s The Way It Is, You Are My Sunshine, Crazy), and more. Very entertaining. And the 10 page booklet tells the story of Hurricane Katrina from Marva’s perspective, tells how the musicians were affected, and explains how the CD came about. Interesting reading

AIM 1091 CD - Cubanismo - Greetings from Havana

Album cover art for the aim release Greeting from Havana by Cubanismo. Greetings from Havana is the follow-up to the internationally acclaimed cross-over album, Mardi Gras Mambo “Cubanismo”. Due to constant world touring, this is the first album of new material from Cubanismo in over 6 years.
Recorded at Abdala Studios in Havana- Cuba’s finest studio...

As reviewed by Fly on the wall media

Here's the more Cuban-rooted side of things, with this group's latest, a lush, moving, more jazz-inflected offering as a "postcard" from a band which cannot tour the U.S. for the usual idiotic reasons. Nine different Cuban musical styles-- son, bolero, etc. --all performed with gusto and class under the leadership of trumpeter Jesus Alemany.
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AIM 5014 CD - Terrance Simien - Across The Parish Line

Album cover art for the aim release Greeting from Havana by Cubanismo.

One of the most sought after artists of American Roots/Indigenous music in the world. His music features in numerous film and television soundtracks including "The Big Easy" "Exit to Eden" and "Murder of Crows". This album features Marcia Ball, Rick Danko, David Hidalgo, Garth Hudson and Paul Simon

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"Across the Parish Line" is a testament to the diversity that has become one of the most appealing characteristics of Terrance Simien's music. He works some fine zydeco, including a great cover of Clifton Chenier's "You Used to Call Me" and the original number "You Should Know Your Way by Now." He also takes an excellent flyer with guest vocalist David Hidalgo on "¿Como Vivire, Mi Cholita?" and lays down a version of the Taj Mahal/Jesse Ed Davis pearl "Corinna" that blends zydeco and reggae in a most tasty fashion. Also make sure to take in Simien's particularly poignant cover of Randy Newman's "Louisiana 1927." Simien is one of the finest zydeco artists to emerge from south Louisiana in the last quarter century, and he's absolutely got it going on yet again this time. — Philip Van Vleck

As reviewed by The Music Box

There’s little doubt that Terrance Simien’s aspirations are grand. His 1990 debut Zydeco on the Bayou was as informed by classic rock as it was by Creole tradition, and with each passing outing, he has taken a broader approach to crafting his music. His latest endeavor Across the Parish Line continues this trend. On the collection, he extends his reach by moving seamlessly from the heartfelt swamp-pop of You Should Know Your Way to the Caribbean flavors that drench his Taj Mahal-influenced update of the traditional tune Corinna and from African undercurrents that anchor Dance Everybody to the jazzy, Steely Dan-inspired Ta Pa Gonne Avec Ca. Elsewhere, he delivers Bob Dylan’s Mississippi by recasting The Band as a zydeco outfit, and he revels in the ’70s-drenched, soul textures of Nobody But You. — John Metzger. Read the full review

As reviewed by Zydeco Road

"Across the Parrish Line" is a semi-biographical musical journey with one of Louisiana's premier artists. Terrance Simien is an electrifying performer, a gifted songwriter, compassionate advocate for his culture and people, a man with a social conscience, and when you put these traits all together . . . a Zydeco Renaissance Man. "Across The Parrish Line" earns four peppers...
- Paule Pachter.
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As reviewed by Blues Wax

...Terrence Simien has just released his seventh album on the Aim label titled, Across The Parish Line. Always the innovator, Simien opens and closes the CD with remixed bonus versions of "Ta Pa Gonne Avec Ca," which he sings in French. Whether the remixed dance or Hip-Hop versions appeal to you is a matter of personal taste, but the remainder of the album is Terrence Simien at his best. "You Should Know Your Way By Now" is a personal anthem to his Creole roots. The vocal harmonies make it sound like a fresh-running stream. Paul Simon adds his harmony on the next track, "You Used To Call Me," a Clifton Chenier standard... This album will lift your spirits, and be sure to catch Terrence Simien when you cross The Parish Line. — Richard Ludmerer.
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As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

A very interesting musical proposal is what Terrance Simien gives us in his new cd. Simien learned to play accordion in 1981 when he saw Clifton Chenier playing in a small club in Opelousas, LA. He was so deeply influenced he decided he would earn his life playing accordion. As usual in Simien’s recordings, this new cd is a compilation of creole music with a mixture of a Bob Marley’s, Bob Dylan’s and Sam Cooke’s touches, which gives a very singular personal sound which makes it different from the rest of similar bands and zydeco musicians. We are facing a well built project over strong efficient basis but at the same time full of fluent joyful music which make Terrance Simien & The Zydeco Experience become one of the most interesting bright and colourful Louisiana actual dancing bands. VERY GOOD.

AIM 1092 CD - Frankie Lee Sims - Walking with Frankie

Album cover art for the aim release Walking with Frankie by Frankie Lee Sims

Began his recording career with Blue Bonnet Records in 1948, and went on to record for Specialty and Ace in the 1950s. Had big Southern hits with "Lucy Mae Blues", "She Likes To Boogie Real Low" and "Walking With Frankie

As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Although he was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Frankie Lee Sims belongs to classic Texas urban blues school, half way to Blind Lemon Jefferson's or Texas Alexander's pre-war blues and the more refined and sophisticated T-Bone Walker's forties and fifties urban blues. Together with Lightnin' Hopkins, Little Son Jackson and Smokey Hogg, Sims is one of the most relevant historical post-war Texas bluesmen. Unfortunately he was not widely recognized because he combined his musical talent with his own farm work and his family duties. This is the reason why his recording material is rare and difficult to find. Fortunately this cd fills the gap to gain access to his recording material. It will also be greatly welcomed because he gathers some of the greatest amplified Frankie Lee Sims songs. GREAT.

As reviewed by The Sydney Blues Society Inc

The Frankie Lee Sims album, Walking with Frankie, is a first-time CD release of an album put out by Sims in late 1960, and its release means that virtually all of Sims’ recorded work is now available.
I’d never heard of Sims, but this album presents a nice collection of Lightnin’ Hopkins-like blues. It sounds like it was recorded in the 60s, but the sound is pretty clean and easy to listen to.
The liner notes contain a detailed bio of Sims which is great for the first-timers like me. A very enjoyable CD and a must have for all Frankie Lee Sims fans.

AIM 1090 CD - Eric Burdon - Wild & Wicked

Album cover art for the aim release Wild & Wicked by Eric BurdonLegendary lead vocalist with the Animals ("House Of The Rising Sun", etc). Had more hit records than any other British R&B group of the 1960s except The Rolling Stones. Relocated to California in the late 60s and] became a leader of the West Coast Psychedelic scence..

As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Eric Burdon and The Animals were one of the most charismatic bands during the United Kingdom "blues invasion" at the beginning of the sixties. Burdon was and one of best singers of that time, with an unbelievable punch and a heartbreaking tone one could not really imagine. The band broke up in 1966 and Eric began new projects far away from blues although he has never forgotten them and he from time to time he comes back to them in some different periods of his musical career. "Wild & Wicked" is Burdon's collection of songs performed without his bands 'The Animals' and 'War'. Eight songs are compiled from different seventies live gigs. The rest nine songs were recorded on studio during the eighties. All them are basically conceived under psychodelic basis, so popular in rock music of that period, so do not imagine you will find blues on them. Anyway, Burdon's fans will really enjoy this record, specially for the rarities included. VERY GOOD.

AIM 1208 CD -
Huey "Piano" Smith & The Clowns -

High Blood Pressure

Album cover art for the aim release High Blood Pressurel by Huey 'Piano' Smith & The Clowns

One of the original New Orleans Music Legends which includes Professor Longhair & Fats Domino. Pumpin' piano player with a great sense of humour. All of his original hits are included. Also features Bobby Marchan & Curly Moore.

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As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Although most festive New Orleans music which keeps a wild strong rhythm, is normally quite far away of traditional orthodox blues, Huey 'Piano' Smith is the exceptional case. Smith was born in New Orleans in 1934 and, from the beginning of his musical career, he followed the path of musicians like Fats Domino or Professor Longhair who introduced him to fifties Crescent City top-class rhythm & blues piano players. This amazing great hits compilation shows a top form Piano Smith and his band The Clowns. You will find among the sixteen hits included on the cd, two different versions of the acclaimed "Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu", or the great "High Blood Pressure", "Don't You Just Know It" or "Tuberculosis And The Sinus Blues". A fantastic historical record you should not miss!! GREAT

AIM 9001 CD - Jimmy Reed - His Greatest Recordings

Album cover art for the aim release His Greatest Recordings by Jimmy Reed

Began his recording career with Blue Bonnet Records in 1948, and went on to record for Specialty and Ace in the 1950s. Had big Southern hits with "Lucy Mae Blues", "She Likes To Boogie Real Low" and "Walking With Frankie"

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As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Jimmy Reed's compilation of classics, a musician who was a good example of the most langurous dragged fifties Chicago blues. He was a calm lazy singer who used to gabble and usually employ treble notes on harp blowing he normally played held on a special device that allowed him to play guitar at the same time. The compilation includes nineteen Jimmy reed songs belonging to the best period of his musical career such as "You Don't Have To Go", "Honest I Do", "Baby What You Want Me To Do", "Hush, Hush", "Big Boss Man" or "Shame, Shame, Shame". A basic cd which deserves a place in any record collection because it shows the 'cream' and the best musical production of one of the historical bluesmen like Jimmy Reed was. ESSENTIAL

AIM 1207 CD - Earl King - Street Parade

Album cover art for the aim release Street Parade by Earl King An artist that had a major influence on many top acts. People from New Orleans know there is a fourth 'King of the Blues' along with BB, Albert and Freddie - Earl King. Earl King was a man of many talents - guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, arranger and sideman. His songs have been recorded by Fats Domino, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Meters, Jonny Adams, Professor Longhair, Robert Palmer, Lee Dorsey, Dr John and many more. One of the true greats of New Orleans music.
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As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Silas Johnson is the real name of this charismatic cool singer and guitar player, a genuine representative of New Orleans urban blues who, for more than forty years. has open up the path to an special way of conceiving music. In his young days he was deeply influenced by Guitar Slim guitar playing, specially in the peculiar syncopated rhythm of his own compositions. The cd was recorded in 1972 after spending two sabbatical years, and Earl King and his band The Meters gave their most joyful, straight, funky face. Some of the tracks included on the cd were produced by his good friend and excellent producer Allen Toussaint. The result is an splendid cd that probably could be placed among his best recordings after “Earl’s Pearls”. VERY GOOD

AIM 1209 CD - Professor Longhair - Do The Mess Around

Album cover art for the aim release Do The Mess Around by Professor Longhair Hailed as a founding father of New Orleans Rhythm & Blues. Developed a unique piano style that included Caribbean Mambo & Samba. One of the original "Crescent City Three" which included Huey "piano" Smith & Fats Domino. His hit "Go to the Mardi Gras" has become an anthem for New Orleans. Quality 70's recording from Sea-Saint Studios..
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As reviewed by La Hora Del Blues

Another essential album to be taken into account. Longhair was one of the most innovative influential musicians from New Orleans, LA to Memphis TN. He was and still is the real master, the true matchless designer of New Orleans rhythm and blues school, the one and only architect who synthesized the development of all musical styles that arrived to New Orleans during the thirties: blues, cajun, zydeco, dixieland, rhumba or even western swing or Mexican ‘rancheras’ folk songs. Every single piano player of that style have been influenced by the Professor, from Huey Smith, Fats Domino or Allen Toussaint to James Booker, Mitch Woods or Dr. John. You will find real jewels of Longhair repertoire on this anthological compilation entitled “Do The Mess Around”, such as “Mardi Gras in New Orleans”, “Tipitina”, “Junko Partner”, “Jambalaya”, “Stagger Lee”, “Rum & Coca Cola” to complete twenty outstanding songs. So, please, get immediately a copy!! ESSENTIAL